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February 2019
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 Website Resolution *Read*

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PostSubject: Website Resolution *Read*   Thu Feb 12, 2009 10:23 pm

First Off, this site was created using a res of 1680x1050 and it is best viewed in this res or higher. Anything lower and you will most likely be missing some of the background image. Get with the times if your monitor/video card can not handle that res lol.
Well I did some looking around and it seems the most popular is still 1024x768 by general users. PC gamers are the only ones going to be able to hit the current due to video cards and monitors. (I Have 2 NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT's OC'D in SLi lol)
Post you video res in here and I while design around everyone in general. (The lower your res the more distorted and less overall quality of images etc.. just keep that in mind)

1680x150................. 1024x768

If you are part of the clan ChAos Theory go up to "Groups" in the Navigation Bar and apply to the ChAos group. An admin will approve you shortly as long as you should be, New members will also have to do this to be part of the clan but only after you guys verify that they dont suck ass Twisted Evil.

There is a chat box located at the bottom of the home page. Anyone on the site can log in to it and chat. Not sure If you guys will end up using it so if you would like it removed let me know.

Each "Registered" member of this forum have there Own Gallery to host all images they would like to be displayed for all to look at. (Ingame screenshots, Naked Pics of your mom etc....) Just go up to "GALLERY" in the top Navigation Bar to set it up.

If you need to host an image you can host it from inside the post window, click "Host an Image" button, than copy the thumbnail link code and paste in post. To host an image from a url such as www.imageshack.us use the "image" button and paste in the address. DO NOT Post Huge Pictures in the Forum as it will stretch the fuck out of it. For example use the "Thumbnail For Forums" code from imageshack or if uploading image to this site use the "Thumbnail" Code as well if available.


Click It

I am still working on visual things here and there but Any ideas/changes you guys would like just run it by me in a new post in this Forum and ill see what I can do depending on how stupid the idea is lol.

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Website Resolution *Read*
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