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February 2019
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 Back to Chaos or a New clan?

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Master Sergeant
Master Sergeant

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PostSubject: Back to Chaos or a New clan?   Fri Oct 23, 2009 3:05 pm

I have talked to several old chaos members, and it seems as though we may be using our chaos names again. Not sure the reasoning behind all this, but sounds good to me. Although i have some regards as weither or not we should be chaos agian or choose a different clan name.

My concern is about what the kind of stigma the clan carries. Do we want to do this all over again, or start fresh over. I think that there was allot of harsh feelings, and some words said, that make some people not want to be apart of chaos again.
Should we decide to go back to Chaos, are things going to be the same. Are we going to just squad up, and have a good time. Or are we going to want to do clan battles.

Myself personally, i had only taken part in one clan battle, as i was a new member. So i let the more experienced marksmen play them.

I was thinking about xL4Dx (Left 4 Dead). I just want to kind of get the word out, or get any ideas about weither we should just keep chaos going, or start fresh over again.

By starting fresh, it will give us some good game time together, so when bfbc2 comes out, we can have our shit straight.

Are we going to recruit? Do we want alot of members for just a select few? Do we need 100 members who r decent, or can we just hang with 25 good players, who have all played together, and know what the other is doing.

I am just throwing this out there. I may be taking it to the extreme. But i almost think that it would be easier to just start over, and see how things are going to role.
Any opinions are welcome, good or bad!

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Major General
Major General

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PostSubject: Re: Back to Chaos or a New clan?   Fri Oct 23, 2009 4:33 pm

ok so here is my thing, i DO NOT want to join chaos again, i havent played under my chaos name in a long time so there is no point in going back now. IF we do get another clan started some shit MUST change.

1. No more fighting within the clan
2. It doesnt have to be mainly about clan battles, I like playing all sorts of games not just to have clan battles and what not but just to play with friends.
3. LIMIT the number of people that join, there is no need for 50 people to be in a clan, there is NO way possible that everyone can play in a game or with each other for that matter.
4. Its great that people look at the website but that shouldnt mean that we will allow them to post, or to join because I see a lot of people on the chaos memberlist that dont have a chaos name and have never once posted a message.
5. NO LEADER, all this does is create one person to rule on what the clan does, MAKE this a group decision within the clan "AS A WHOLE" that way no one is left out of the decision making.
6. WHO cares if there is a clan that is better, there is ALWAYS going to be someone better at something so get over it.
7. ABSOLUTELY NO TRASH TALKING, if there is that should be automatic banning from the clan, thats how shit gets started in the first place.
8. The age limit should change from 16 to at least 18, there might be some great players that are 16 but you have to face facts that most people that are that age are immature and there is no need for that, you all have seen from first hand what can get out of control if someone is allowed in that is immature and not old enough.

These are a few things that I think would help out in the future, because I am not going to join another clan just to have it break up because some idiots think they are the shit at a game, or that they should have all of the say, and get mad just because we dont have clan battles or stupid immature shit like that. We are all adults so we should act like it
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Back to Chaos or a New clan?
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